Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween at Work

Just like in the family, traditions are very important in companies.  One of the best traditions to be celebrated at work is Halloween. Celebrating Halloween at work appeals to the child in each of us and helps create a motivational, team work-oriented work culture. Though its kinda late, I am pleased to share with y'all how we celebrated Halloween at work. Above picture is the BOFO 2 Team where I belong. 

Halloween Decorations: Pictures and journals are both great ways to document our company's traditions. Let me share to y'all some of the pictures.

The management offered prizes for best and most festively decorated work area.It enhance the team building aspects of this competition by encouraging teams of people to work together to decorate their shared work area.

A picture of the witch. hahaha. No, im kidding its my TL Lott with other leads.


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  2. sayang yung team picture natin. wala si palvin at puret!

  3. Hi Rome this is Jeje. Peachy told me you were unable to join her at Nail Spa Lounge last Monday. We can just reschedule for you. Please let me know when. Peachy has my number :) Thanks!




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