Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Ole Havaianas

My first havaianas was the classic, limited edition, Cartonistas. Cozy to use at work during dress down days, comfy to use everyday at home (pambahay).

Never had I worn flip-flops that felt like home to my feet. Havaianas is great for almost any occasion. I never know that I would get hooked on it.  Then there's another havaianas I have encountered in the mall and I loved it.  I liked it to the point that I used it everyday at home, going to the wet market, mall, outing, church and party. They are the ultimate "do anything" shoe. I overused it for almost 2 years, they're now, the classic example of ruined, exhausted, injured and destructed havaianas.

Take a closer look at it,  the "s" was torn and the below picture shows "avaiana". I figured,  It is the time to purchase a brand new one, doncha think?


  1. magre-retire na daw yung "avaiana" mo...

  2. ha ha ha honga. de bale qoutang qouta naman sya

  3. lol yung saken parang bago pa din, yung kasabay nyang binili nun pren ko, sira na. lol :))



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