Monday, August 9, 2010

Pancake House

"Welcome Home", saw this on pancake house website. I agree, PH menu is very homely. I liked their pancakes and waffles. Just like my nanay's hotcake......

2 pieces golden pancake topped with crushed ripe banana and syrup.

I also loved their meaty pasta. My childhood favorite, eating this is remebering my Nanay's spaghetti with meat sauce. Oh, I'm missing my nanay in Palawan. hmmmmm....

I am missing their rendition of potato salad......

I'm missing my food buddies angel and gladys. and oh, I am missing this linguine tossed with special white creamy sauce, mushrooms, bacon bits and parmesan cheese, Carbonara.

I am missing this extra thick Strawberry and Chocolate milkshakes.
Nevertheless, I am missing y'all, my Exlian friends.


  1. awww....those were the days....=)

  2. how come i was following you and you were not following mine? that is so mean! heheheh

  3. love their blueberry and banana caramel pancake :D also the homestyle bangus and adobo sulipan/!!



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