Monday, July 26, 2010

Señora Mamita,Tequila, Chika


The free spirit of Jose Cuervo Especial® more affectionately known as “Cuervo Gold®” has provided the inspiration for countless memorable moments over the years. Sometimes it seems like everybody has a Cuervo Especial story to share.......

Our Cuervo story that wasn't told after almost a year (because it was so  humiliating!!!) was happened when the great goddess, Señora Mamita,  celebrated her 18th (?) birthday October of last year.

We rented a condo unit at BSA Tower in Makati for a night to commemorate (dunno it this is the correct term, commemorate? ha ha ha) her existence. I hope she won't declare World War III in posting this pictures. I lurve you Mamita!

The above  photos were taken before the tequila party started, you could imagine what happened after the cuervo spirit kicked in!

We had 2 liters of  Jose Cuervo Especial®, a bottle of Carlos I, and a bottle of Tequila Rose while singing along with our executives the tequila la bamba and the tequila negra.

who's been drinking tequila that night? hmmmmm, definitely not me! let's reveal those little jose cuervo secrets.....

Knock out by Jose was Angel, with a loud statement on her t-shirt " Excuse me!!?" yeah, excuse me she said when she headed to lavatory to puke after 1 liter of tequila. ha ha ha

Second runner-up goes to Art. Eliminated by strong, sweet, subtle agave, hint of oak, vanilla, Jose Cuervo.

Joe and Ian's act of revealing intoxication!!! it's a total ewness!!! This irresistible playfulness helped Mamita become scion and icon of the number-one selling Tequila in the world. Cheers!

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  1. wala nman ako d2 e! - trixy

  2. i miss this roms!!! =)

  3. tequila rose the best! =yOj

  4. I remember this. Brings back memories.

  5. Sure miss that celebration.....Ulitin natin sa Oct 50th bday ko eh....miss you too Roms!!! Mamita



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