Thursday, April 8, 2010

El Nido, Palawan

When I was studying college at Palawan State UniBEERsity, my classmates and I went to El Nido, Palawan to do our thesis it was titled... hm forgot it coz 'twas quite a long time though (please don't ask me when, okay?). Anyway, since I'm just starting this blog, I'll start with some old memories from my hometown, the far flung Island of Palawan...

We took the opportunity to explore El Nido after gathering data in the Municipal Hall. My Group (Jinkie Halaman and Rachelle Arana), went to different islands of El Nido. Lets take a look back...

I hear you laughin' folks!!!!! hmpf! I know! I know!
Moving forward, here's another set of pictures. After several years I decided to go back in El Nido because the place is so amazing and I always wanted to be back but its expensive. When I already had a Jay-Oh-Bee, I saved to experience and see; limestone cliffs, blue lagoons (Small and Big lagoons), Hot spring and a waterfalls...

The whole experience was spectacular, feels like the first time.


  1. payat-payatan ka sa unang pic pero taba-tabaan pagbalik mo..hehehe

  2. i thought the lagoon was divinely breath taking! when can i wade in its clear blue waters? marz whether we stay at this indian-owned company or not, would you take us to palawan six months from now? i have your number so you better not say no. intiendes?hehe. - ron j

  3. ay teh, go go go tayo pramis



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